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Lost in the desert

March 13th, 2005

Filtered: Phillip, Amanda, Duncan, Richie, Beli (backdated to March 1) @ 01:17 am

Current Mood: surprised surprised

Why did no one think to tell me my parents were going to be coming to town?

I so need to clean this place up and hell when was the last time I did laundry. Mum is so going to flip!

Beli, help?

February 25th, 2005

(no subject) @ 11:51 pm

Current Mood: silly silly
In my head phones: Bushio Blade

I am still the Bushido Blade champion! Hahha!

Bow down before me!

(private, backdated 2/21, after dinner with Duncan, Amanda and Beli) @ 11:48 pm

Current Mood: contemplative contemplative
In my head phones: Paper Mario

Dinner was good, I'd forgotten what a good cook Uncle Duncan is. Actually I think I just forgot what no microwaved food tastes like.
Duncan liked Beli, of course he did he knew her before me..

I'm surprised Uncle Duncan and Amanda still seem so at ease together...I can't imagine dealing with sharing someone I loved. But maybe after a few hundred years I'll see things differently.

Beli final agreed to spar with me, I'm not sure what made her relent but I'm glad she did. If there's one thing I learned growing up is the importance of knowing how to fight back. Not wanting to fight is all and good, but it doesn't really work in our world. It's hard to think of her ever taking a head though, but I can't wrap my brain around mum taking a head either.

Beli's fallen asleep on the couch again, I should go wake her up.

But I think I'll let her sleep.

February 19th, 2005

(no subject) @ 10:39 pm

Current Mood: awake

Hey, Beli guess who just unpacked his Gamecube?

February 17th, 2005

Filtered: (Philip, Duncan, Amanda, Mum and Da) @ 11:23 pm

Current Mood: anxious anxious
In my head phones: Galaxy Quest

So yea. I invited Beli to Uncle Duncan's for dinner.

It is not a date. She's Amanda's student. She's just a friend.


I'm a dead man aren't I?

January 19th, 2005

Flitered to Marcus, Amy and Philip @ 10:46 pm

Let me know how I can help with the "meuseum problem"

January 5th, 2005

January 4th, 2005

Hoc ei propinabo! @ 06:43 pm

Christmas was alright---missed home and family but Beli was a great drinking partner and pretty damn cute.

Meaning she can drink me under the table but she's got the advantage on me on that count.

I still haven't found what happened to that damn armor but I will, even if I have start making my fellow interns cry too, as if Amy wasn't scary enough..

Haven't seen much of the family, Amanda has been keeping Uncle Duncan busy.

Mum and da----well hopeful I'll see them soon.

Ah shit I need to head to Joe's and get a drink withfrom and see Phillip.

December 25th, 2004

(no subject) @ 12:26 am

You know it feels weird for it to be Christmas and not to be in Scotland.

Mom, Dad I miss you.

Merry Christmas.

December 11th, 2004

(no subject) @ 11:33 pm

Current Mood: aggravated aggravated
In my head phones: My own footsteps

Things just don't disappear like this. I've searched this place twice now, and the other interns have all abandoned me for their beds.

Fuck, I should just head back to my apartment myself. I'm sure the night watch would be happy to have me out of there head for the evening. Or I could just search again and crash on a cot again.

Lost in the desert